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SJ Circle Sdn Bhd is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) manufacturing company in Malaysia.

We primarily provide contract manufacturing of disposable baby pants for both domestic & overseas clients.

We provide our manufacturing facility to brand owners to produce their baby diaper pants compliant to stringent quality control, design & specifications with cost effective options.


Our Baby disposable diaper products category:


Basic Baby Diaper

Suitable to be used as day pants.

It fulfills the basic component of SAP and Pulp that can hold for at least 2 – 3 hours (at least 2 times of baby urination).

The absorbency time is quick enough to keep baby feel comfort.

The diffusion percentage is high which fully utilize the core of pant.

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Classic Baby Diaper

Suitable to be used as day pants.

It contains more and better component of SAP and Pulp which always perform better and higher absorbency rate.

The pants are suitable for day and outing use and last longer for more than 4 hours.

It is able to keep diapers dry in longer time and keep baby more comfort.

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Super Regular Baby Diaper

Suitable for day & night use.

Larger content of SAP and Pulp than Basic and Classic.

The absorbency time and rate gives best comfort to babies.

It usually can last more than 8 – 10 hours which recommended for overnight use.

Diaper features

Premium Baby Diaper

Best for comfort. Suitable for day & night use.

Constructed with only premium materials of highest quality.

High quality of top sheet, ADL, and back sheet that lead the best comfort and minimize rashes.

Customization of SAP and Pulp is available.

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Diaper Sizes

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