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Baby Disposable Pants Measurement in Different Sizes



Baby Disposable Pants Specifications

On top of standard baby pants features, SJ Circle took steps further to design extra and unique features which we have applied patents :


malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-soft-waist-belt1. Soft Waist Belt (Patented)

Soft Waist Belt – 360˚ 3mm interval of multi-strand elastics to provide better hugging and comfort.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-3d-u-channel-core2. 3D U-Channel (Patented)

3D U-Channel – U-channel formed naturally for better distribution & diffusion of urine.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-slim-curve-elastic-back-skirt3. Slim Curve-Elastic Back Skirt (Patented)

Slim Curve-Elastic Back Skirt – Longer back skirt with Curve that perfectly fits and holds baby’s buttock.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-360o-breathable-waist-band4. 360º Breathable waist band

360º waist band with soft and comfortable feel.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-side-seal-easy-to-tear-off5. Side Seal Easy to Tear Off

Side seal is strong enough and yet can be torn off easily while diaper strength is not compromised.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-shorter-front-panel6. Shorter Front Panel

Improve baby’s movement and provide greatest comfort.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-dual-core-contact-surface7. Dual Core Contact Surface

Additional and double contact surface to absorb urine more quickly.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-triple-leakguard8. Triple Leak guard

3D U-shape core providing 3rd leakguard to prevent leaking and re-absorption.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-better-diffusion9. Better Diffusion

3D U-shape core providing diffusion channel for faster and better diffusion & distribution of urine.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-high-volume-absorbency10. High Volume Absorbency

Absorb high volume of urine with better retention.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-long-lasting-dryness11. Long-lasting Dryness

Effective ADL layer to keep baby dry and comfortable.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-speedy-absorbency12. Speedy Absorbency

Unique core design to absorb urine quickly.

malaysiamanufacturer-babydiaper-breathable-cover13. Breathable Cover (Optional)

Deliver fresh air in-and-out to keep baby dry & Comfort.

Extra Features

Read more and other additional extra our diaper features.

Diaper Extra Features