SJ Circle Sdn Bhd is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) manufacturing company in Malaysia.

We primarily provide contract manufacturing of disposable baby pants for both domestic & overseas clients.

We provide our manufacturing facility to brand owners to produce their baby diaper pants compliant to stringent quality control, design & specifications with cost effective options.


“SJ Circle Sdn Bhd strives to be a top contract manufacturing provider of quality & hygienic disposable pants.”


  • To provide greatest platform for all employees to exert their potential.
  • To serve brand owners and customers with quality products with the fastest service.
  • To upgrade production line & technology to meet most contemporary market needs.
  • To formulate and disseminate policies, practices and procedures that promote safety.
  • To develop R&D for enhancing the quality of product.
  • To upgrade management system to achieve productivity and efficiency.

Organization Chart